Breakfast For The New Year: Lightened Bacon Waffles

A lighter version of a waffle with bacon cooked right into it.
Now this is a breakfast combo I can relate to.
Pre-cooked smokey bacon is placed right onto the waffle iron and the batter poured over. Not only is the presentation dynamic, but some of the bacon fat melts into the waffle and infuses it with flavor.
I made the batter savory by eliminating the bit of sugar a typical recipe calls for. This was just a personal choice. Since I would pour gorgeous maple syrup on it, why add white sugar when it’s not really needed?  I’m not a fan of super sugary breakfasts, and I like the bready, cakey contrast to the bacon and syrup. For those who like the taste of savory/salty/sweet this is heaven.
But to be honest, I didn’t add syrup, these waffles are an incredibly savory way to start the day. In fact they were lightened up a bit by using non fat milk and I used oil (and reduced the suggested amount) rather than butter in the batter. Because of it’s savory taste I can see this combination as a base on which to place a silky succotash on top, or a minced chicken in a cream sauce. Brunch? Dinner?
Making waffles from scratch takes all of what… 10 seconds? seriously, it’s super quick, especially when using the oil, which eliminates the step of melting butter. And cooking them takes only a few minutes. I use a stove top waffle iron. I place the iron on the stove over medium heat while I pull together the batter. 10 mins tops is all this recipe takes. Got kids that are running out the door? Or if you’re that kid- this is a great hand held breakfast on the go.
Since this is the dawn of a new year and a new you- make this with Turkey Bacon and sneak in a dollop of a neutral tasting protein powder. Truth be told I cooked the bacon in the microwave. Just a great way to pull all unnecessary grease away from the strips and the clean up is just too easy. I cook them on paper towels, but I remembered that I also have a plastic steam rack made especially for the m-wave. I will try that next time and capture the grease for other purposes.
Gail’s Lightened Up Waffles With Bacon
makes approx 16
1.75c AP flour
1T baking powder
.5T salt
3 whole eggs
6T oil
1.5c reduced fat milk, warmed to room temp
Precooked strips of bacon- 1-2/waffle
While the waffle iron is heating up, combine the flour, bp and salt in a mixing bowl.
In a separate bowl combine the eggs, oil and milk and whisk smooth the break up and incorporate the eggs.
Dump the wet into the dry and stir together with as few strokes as possible. Lumps will happen, don’t sweat it, just try to avoid huge boulders that will leave floury bombs in the waffle.
Pour batter into the waffle iron, then place bacon right on top. Close the lid and cook to perfection-2-3 mins on one side and then flip for a minute or two longer. 
Left over waffles can be frozen and reheated. Can’t say this is my favorite way to do things- nothing beats the fresh version.


  1. AMAZING! Yes, Gail, you know how to tempt me! Bacon makes everything better!