Saffron Potato Croquettes With Soft Boiled Quail Eggs

I have returned from Gosling Pond, laden with incredible treats! I have quail eggs, hen eggs, and a gorgeous piece of free range lamb roast- that are all begging for attention.
Sadly-devastatingly sadly- I forgot to bring the CF card for my camera (always doing that, *sigh*). As a result I had to fall back on my iPhone to take photos- which I promise I will share with you soon. They will take a little photoshopping- so please be patient. I will also promise a return visit this summer when everything is in full bloom and I have my proper equipment.
In the meantime I will start you out here with a little delight I made this morning using a couple of the quail eggs. Kate’s 4 new quail, Morton, Malady, Maeve and Matilda have not yet matured enough to start laying (well, Morton never will, obviously), though they should start any day now.  These eggs are from the dearly beloved and recently passed Pat, who started Kate’s craze.
I’ve seen plenty of quail eggs before, and though they never cease to amaze me, there is something magical about the fact that PAT made these. Kate’s baby did that! And so, they are even more gorgeous to behold.
Since the eggs are so small and delicate, and SO special, I wanted to make something that celebrated that- and so here we go. I infused some oil with a hearty chunk of garlic and saffron, and then tossed that into mashed potatoes. I carefully made them into tiny patties and pan fried them in the oil that remained behind in the pan.
The quail eggs were fun. I simmered them for a mere 90 seconds and they were soft boiled to perfection. They’re so teeny tiny to peel, but so worth it.
It’s a delicate and earthy tate profile, fit for a princess. I hope you enjoy!
Saffron Potato Croquettes with Soft Boiled Quail Eggs
6 servings
12 beautiful fresh quail eggs
2c mashed potatoes
1 large or two medium cloves of garlic, minced
2 hearty pinches of saffron threads
oil for frying
Place 2-3T of mild oil in a small frying pan and gently warm
Add garlic and saffron and gently cook to draw out the flavors of both aromatics.
Toss into mashed potatoes and stir, adding salt to taste. Reserve oil laced pan to the side.
With hands take about 2T of mashed potatoes and roll into a ball and pat into a disk-make 12.
Warm oil in pan and gently fry croquettes, adding more oil if needed.
In small saucepan bring water to boil. Lower to a high simmer and submerge quail eggs. 
With an eye on the second hand, boil gently for 90 seconds. Remove with a slotted spoon and run under cold water.
Gently peel eggs and serve on the croquettes. 
You may poach the eggs in advance and hold in cool water. Before serving warm for a quick minute in simmering water.