Summer Entertaining- Proscuitto, Melon Salad and Pinked Onion

August in Louisiana is never cool. This is my third summer traveling here in the height of the dog days. Last year the thermometer rose to 106˚, so I’m finding this years mere 97˚ a relief {uh…yeah, not so much}. I am sometimes asked how I manage this heat- and my answer is simple: Exactly how we manage the below freezing temps in NYC- you don’t hang out in it for long.
The amazing thing is folks here don’t really complain about the heat the way we complain about the cold up North. I suppose it’s the Southern grace and ease that is the reason for that. I mean, it’s not that people don’t mention it- they just don’t go on and on about it. Yep… it’s hot….
The hot days certainly do not slow down the socializing, and afternoon cocktails are high on the list of activities. Cool gin and tonics tinkle in glasses along with easy conversation and laughter. These days I am redesigning my kitchen for the imminent renovation. I am spending my days lugging tile samples, walking rows and rows of granite slabs and drooling over shiny appliances. At the end of the day- a cocktail sounds delightful.
The pretty salad I put together is a great snack to accompany any cocktail hour. Light and refreshing, slightly salty, and tangy, and a breeze to throw together. Just a little nosh to abate the afternoon hungries without spoiling ones appetite for dinner.
Soaking thinly sliced red onions in lemon juice for a bit turns them a gorgeous bright hot pink color, and mellows out the bite too. These three parts meld together beautifully- I hope you enjoy!!
Proscuitto, Melon Salad and Pinked Onions
serves 6
8 oz best quality proscuitto
half of a ripe honeydew melon cut into small chunks
.5c fresh mint, minced
2 limes, zested and juiced
1 med red onion thinly sliced
.5 c olive oil
Combine juice of limes in a small bowl and add onion slices. Allow to sit for approx 30 mins until they turn a bright gorgeous pink.
toss together melon, zest and lime juice after the marinating is done and drizzle olive oil on top. Add a splash of cracked pepper here, if that appeals to you.
Arrange the melon, proscuitto and onions on a serving platter. 
Keep cold until serving.



  1. It sounds delightful, can’t wait to try!