Creme Brûlée {for my birthday}

Creme Brûlée~ A Stack of Dishes

I am skilled at making many things, including some pretty faboo cakes. The result is my birthday is often a conundrum for my loved ones. Who can/will make a cake for the baker?  For most of my adult life I felt frustrated by always being the baker and not  being on the receiving end as much. Now that I have retired from the cake business things are getting better. My beautiful Mother in Law is an excellent baker, and does not shy away from baking for me. One of the many things I love about her.

This year she made me a gorgeous and delicious coconut pecan cake, that I absolutely adored and devoured. But somewhere along the line it occurred to me that I actually could make myself anything- I mean ANYTHING- that I wanted. Heck! Why not indulge myself? Who’s to say no? and I am free to cook without having to please anyone but little ol’ me!!

It didn’t have to be the quintessential cake, or treat, or anything like that- just plain old “what am I in the mood for right now?” And Voila! This is what I came up with. [Read more…]