Delicate Chèvre Ravioli & Marching Onward

 Goat Cheese Raviolo- A Stack of Dishes

This week it feels like Spring has taken a hop, skip and a giant leap into Summer. During my walk yesterday I overheard a child say to her Mother, “It’s Summer now, when is school over?” It was one of those moments when your insides laughed with recognition- Yes, it feels like it is time to play, Can I? Can I?

Ironically for me school IS over. Tuesday afternoon, with misty eyes, I donned cap and gown and received my Masters diploma. Many years in the past I got the spark of a notion to return to school, which turned into a thought, which turn into an action, and then finally to completion. 

graduationI am a woman with many satisfying moments of accomplishments- winning awards, giving birth, finishing marathons and triathlons, slipping an engagement ring onto my love’s hand- all momentous, and rich with emotion.  My experience this week has been quite different. When the days of unscrewing my brain and pouring in copious knowledge was complete, when the research and writing were done, and all deadlines were met, I was left with a sense of satisfaction and knowing that I had worked long and hard to create this thing- this bounty of knowledge and passion- and I cried.  My tears were of happiness, relief, release and awe.

I did it.

A Stack of

I share this with you because I want you to know that there is this gift that awaits you at the end of a long haul if you choose to strive for it. We are all faced with obstacles, doubts, responsibilities and distractions, but it can be done. It’s cliche, but it’s true, that the first step is the hardest. Big decisions often require big changes, and inertia is the gnarliest demon I know. [Read more…]