Grilled Venison Chimichurri with Grilled Potato Celeriac Salad


Venison Chimichurri~A Stack of DishesLiving in this part of the world there is a tremendous bounty from the land. Even better is how generous people are with sharing it with others. A few months ago our friend Dee McCoy shared with us some of the spoils of her deer hunting- these delicious venison steaks. In the north (an expression I hear myself saying regularly now) venison is a rarity and in most places a luxury on a NYC menu. When I got all excited about the cache of meats, I received shrugs and a “yeah, we have that all the time here”.

This is one of my new found joys of living in Louisiana.

There are all sorts of meats and vegetables that I would rarely see in the big apple, yet around here they are commonplace. As you can imagine, I’m in heaven. [Read more…]