Foodie Gifts 2013

Marzipan How To~ A Stack of Dishes .com

Step by Step instructions for making traditional marzipan fruits.

 I’ve had a few folks ask me about some things I’ve made in the past as gifts recently. So I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite things- from my recipes for food gifts, a book, and a coupon to one of the best Healthy Menu Services in the world! {OK, it’s MY company, but I think you are seriously going to love it}.


 This is an adorable and awesome little cookbook written by my associate Michelle Buffardi, is packed with some adorable and clever cheese ball ideas- with delicious fresh flavor combinations. She’s got a cute idea for Super Bowl you’re going to want to check out. Great Balls of Cheese

is a sweet book, which at just over $10 on Amazon, makes the perfect hostess gift or stocking stuffer for the entertainer in your life.


Two seasons ago I did a marathon 12 days of gift giving that contains over 25 recipes for food gifts. You can find the full compilation HERE.

2 Days of Food Gifts~A Stack of Dishes

12 Days of Edible Gifts with over 25 recipes.

Flavored Vinegars~ A Stack of Dishes

Here is the link for 3 different flavored vinegar combinations that you can make yourself. My favorite was the grapefruit. In fact, I plan to make a batch for myself today. It’s bright with a hint of tangy citrus that is wonderful on salads, fish and meats.

8 tips for perfect caramels~ A Stack of Dishes


Homemade caramels are quite the rage these days. This post has a list of 8 tips for making successful caramels.

And lastly I am offering my readers a COUPON for a 50% discount on any menu plan at A Healthy Hunger. For anywhere from $2.50-5.00/month you can help someone get their health on track and love every bite.

A Healthy Hunger has meal plans for Diabetics, or Pre-Diabetics and my Clean Eating plan is great for anyone with high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, heart health concerns- or anyone who just wants to eat better and doesn’t know where to begin.

The menus are designed with nutritional balance for your health, and great taste for the foodie. And check out the blog for health tips, kitchen wisdom, inspiration and more!

Holday50Click HERE to find out more and use the coupon code at checkout. The coupon expires December 31.

 Happy Holidays All!