Walking thoughts

Most Summers I go out to visit my hometown, Greenport, where my mother still lives. It has become a bit of a ritual that I arise with the dawn and with camera in hand head out and take photos.

There is something about those quiet hours when the light is so beautiful and the little seaside town is still sleepy and calm. I didn’t always love living there when I was growing up. Small town girl stuff, and the winters can be dull and dry with salty wet winds making it unpleasant. There were long stretches of gray nothing that can drive a girl to poetry (and art). 

This particular morning it was foggy and I wandered into a boat yard not too far from Mom’s house.


  1. I was very happy in Greenport. So special time of my life at May’s. This pictures take me to that age. I love Greenport and also enjoyed a lot taking pictures there. I have some nice foggy ones in B&W took with my old 35mm camera that I digitalized. I will show you some.